4194 return fake bad food A 600lb. Man Was Busted For A Scam By Saying The Food He Bought Was Inedible

Meet 38-year-old George Jolicoeur of Sanford, Florida.  On Wednesday, George pleaded no contest to five counts of misdemeanor petty theft, was fined $1,365 in court costs, and ordered to pay an unspecified amount in restitution. 

It all stemmed from a refund scam George had been running since at least 2005.  Basically, he would go into a restaurant or convenience store, and buy a ton of junk food.  Then he would try to get a refund by claiming that the food was inedible for one reason or another.  Only, he’d already EATEN the food.  It boggles the mind, and THIS makes it even weirder:  George weighs 600 POUNDS. 

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One of the charges was from an incident in 2007, when George tried to get a refund from 7-Eleven.  He’d bought $50 worth of beef jerky, then tried to get his money back by claiming it was moldy.

When the cops finally showed up at his place, George made his voice higher and pretended to be a woman, but they arrested him anyway.  And as they took him off to the station, he said, quote, “The beef jerky got me.”


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