Guess Who Says Justin Bieber is the Next Sinatra or Elvis?

justinbieberoprah 500x373 Guess Who Says Justin Bieber is the Next Sinatra or Elvis?

Guess Who Says Justin Beiber is the Next Sinatra or Elvis?

The Queen has spoken and Oprah declares teen pop star Justin Bieber the hearthrob of this generation in an interview with the 16-year-old in Tuesday’s episode of her show, which is dedicated to young phenoms.

“Every era has its superstar hearthrob,” says Oprah as she identifies Bieber along with an “elite group of music legends” including Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder.”

Those are some pretty big words O!

After the taping of the show Justin took to twitter to tweet about meetin the queen of media saying,

“Just got to say that Oprah is real nice down to earth person. She even came back after the show to talk with everyone. She is incredible. And she made my grandpa cry. He went all water works in the crowd. Haha.”

I wonder if all the cougers in the audience will stampede on to the stage to get a piece of Bieber?


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  1. Styles says:

    He is not the next Elvis! Bieber, cannot sing live and if one looks at the Oprah vid carefully you will see that he lip synced the song “Baby.” The mic is away from his mouth but you can still hear singing. Is that what people call Talent? How can anyone compare that to the great legends like Elvis, Sinatra, Stevie Wonder etc. Please do not insult their legacy.

    When all those Bieber girls get older they will all look back to these days and laugh at themselves for liking this none sense – lol. He is a manufactured auto tuned artist. If he could sing, that would be another thing, but he can’t. Why doesn’t someone challenge him to sing “Baby” a cappella? This will put the critics like me to rest. I am not a Bieber hater. I am just an objective critic who loves good music sung by real talent.

    Now, that girl Charice she is talented. OMG! her two songs “Pyramid” and “In This Song” they were something else. This girl can sing like no other!

    Sorry Bieberland but those are the facts as I see it.

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