American Idol Season 9 Finale Recap

alg idol dewyze American Idol Season 9 Finale Recap

A BIG congrats to [lastfm]Lee Dewyze[/lastfm] for becoming your new Season 9 American Idol! Last night was full of surprises, so if you missed any of  it, check out the performances right here!

Idols/Alice Cooper/Orianthi

Idol Girls/Christina Aguilera

Casey James/Bret Michaels

Dane Cook “Simon Says”

Kris Allen “The Truth”

Lee Dewyze/Crystal Bowersox/Joe Cocker

Crystal Bowersox/Alanis Morrisette

Janet Jackson

Lee Dewyze/Chicago


One Comment

  1. clb says:

    American Idol is a singing contest and Crystal Bowersox won the American Idol singing contest hands down, no question asked. Lee Dewyze is a very good singing but as shown Tuesday night he was unable to bring it home and should not have won. The only reason Lee won is because the America people always vote for the All-America clean cut guy or girl next door instead of vote for excellent singer, a person you would listen to on the radio, an I-pod, and / or CD’s, America should have voted for Crystal. (as 2009 when Kris won over Adam) Crystal was consistent and strong for at 95% the season where Lee was up and down thought out the season. And I think when Lee goes back and watches the season he will come up with the same conclusion, and no one with integrity wants to win or received something they did not earn.

    Don’t get me wrong I like Lee and his singing and he was one of my top three picks to win the season. (picks were Lee, Crystal and Siobhan, but Lee and Crystal were my favorites)

    This is just my opinion on the subject, but I wish Lee and Crystal all the best in the world.

    PS: Try listening to American Idol with your eyes closed then vote stop judging hair, glasses, size, color and what was it this year “weirdness”. clb

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