Crystal Splits With Boyfriend Right Before “Idol” Finale!

When Crystal Bowersox hit the stage for the “American Idol” finale…we didnt know about what she called a “hard morning”.

Crystal took the stage and did a fantastic version of Patty Griffin’s “Up To The Mountain”. She was pulling from her own emotions to get through the performance.

“[My boyfriend] Tony, he went home. He wasn’t cool with the lifestyle,” Crystal told Ryan Seascrest on his radio show Thursday morning.

The decision to break up just hours before the final performance night, Bowersox says, was completely mutual.

“We’re both logical, grown adults,” she said. “He’s a small town guy and it’s fine. But I’m a small town girl but I want this. I want this more than anything — this career, this lifestyle. I didn’t think he was up for it. He didn’t think he was up for it.”

Her boyfriend, Tony Kusian,  spoke with PEOPLE during Crystal’s hometown visit about life in Los Angeles, where Idol is produced. “It’s kind of tough at times but you get used to it and we’re all happy. Some days are more fun than others,” he said. “But it’s been hard to find friends out there. I want to keep it low key. I don’t need the attention.”

Though she’s “a little sad” they parted ways on one of the biggest nights of her life, Bowersox has no hard feelings. “He’s been amazing,” she says. “He stuck it out through this whole thing.”

Judge Kara DioGuardi, who appeared with Bowersox on the radio show, offered some advice to the runner-up. “You have to do your music,” she her. “It’s not a choice for you. It’s what makes you whole. If somebody can’t hang with that — I’m sure he’s a lovely guy but right now this is your dream.”

And while she’s disappointed about the breakup, she isn’t mad. In fact, she says, “We’re going to be friends for a long time.” 

Here is Crystal performing “Up To The Mountain”…

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