The Real Reason Adam Lambert Wasn’t At The ‘Idol’ Finale

adam lambert 1 The Real Reason Adam Lambert Wasn’t At The ‘Idol’ Finale

Last week at the ‘American Idol’ finale, we saw past and present important Idol contestants bid farewell to Simon Cowell. [lastfm]David Cook[/lastfm], [lastfm]Daughtry[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Clay Aiken[/lastfm] all had previous tour engagements which is why they weren’t there, but what about [lastfm]Adam Lambert[/lastfm]?

There were rumors that he just blew off rehearsal and that’s why he wasn’t part of the show, but turns out–that’s definitely not what happened. Here is what Adam wrote on his Twitter page:

“HAHA. I have now just been made aware of more gossip and rumormill: First of all, i was never asked to appear on the finale in any capacity.”

How could they leave out such a huge part of last year’s competition? Let’s face it, [lastfm]Adam Lambert[/lastfm] is just as big, if not bigger, than Season 8′s actual winner [lastfm]Kris Allen[/lastfm].


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  1. Pam says:

    I bet Idol is rethinking the decision not to ask Adam to appear, seeing as how this year’s finale had the lowest viewership of all seasons. Even though he was on just a couple of weeks earlier, he had mentioned that he would love to come back for the finale, so I knew for sure that blowing off rehearsal was fabricated. First, he would never do that – he’s a really hard worker and grateful to Idol, and second, it would have been perfect to launch his new single, If I Had You, which by the way, you should be playing!

  2. Jan says:

    They couldn’t have Adam on there, he’d upstage everyone else there!

  3. LiveFreeLuvHard says:

    Obviously, the only people who would of suggested anything of the such in the first place don’t know anything about Adam Lambert!

    #Glamnation is the tour of the summer not to be missed! That says it all!

  4. Kyle says:

    Adam is such a talented artist, and a genuinely nice person. He’s original, and I believe a game changer in the pop music industry. Can’t wait to see what he does next. I hope KHMX adds Adam’s new single If I Had You soon. It’s a perfect feel good summer song!

  5. Cam says:

    I think they were afraid Adam would have made everyone else look like amateurs.

  6. Soozin says:

    Adam has always been gracious about the opportunities afforded him by his American Idol experience so I knew rumors about him blowing off rehersals were ridiculous. Everyone who has worked with him has commented on his incredible work ethic, and with only an invitation to sit in the audience for the finale, his priority had to be completing work necessary for his own Glam Nation Tour. Never believe the garbage that gets dumped by people who wish to bring him down, Adam is a class act and those who know him have only the most wonderful things to say about him. Believe them.

  7. MJ says:

    I love Adam Lambert. His voice is incredible. Please play Adam’s new song If I Had You. Thank you!

  8. raepat says:

    First of all I appreciate your support of this amazing artist. I think it was wise he was not there as he would have outshone, outperformed everyone else! Don’t have a clue why he wasn’t invited as the ratings would certainly have benefitted from it..

  9. Angelraj says:

    I think AI producers probably felt that he would overwhelm the show with his shear star power and magnetism. He would have overshadowed contestants, other scheduled performers, and Simon Cowell goodbye. I think they made a huge mistake though, not taking advantage of his popularity, professionalism, and showmanship, because he would have been a huge audience draw. As it was, I did not bother. AI needed Adam, more than he needed to be on this finale.

  10. Susan says:

    I think Adam already had his chance appearing on American Idol this season as a mentor & then got to perform the next day. So maybe they just let other past idols have their chance at the finale.
    I have been following Adam for over a year now, so I know quite a bit about Adam. Adam is honest, kind… and ,of course, very talented. When he said he was never asked to appear on the finale, I believed him.
    I can’t wait for Adam to bring his Glam Nation tour to Houston!

  11. sizzlingsmile says:

    Well, at first I was dissappointed not to see him on the finale, but then I realized that Adam had his big and very deserving moment that week when he mentored and performed. That was a huge honor! Adam sure would have upstaged everybody who performed that night.

  12. Cassidy says:

    Adam should have been asked to perform on some capacity. American Idol could have used some COFFEE that night , It was the most boring finale I had ever seen. A big snooze

  13. adamfan says:

    Adam is bigger than Kris, no question of that! Adam has sold twice as many records as Kris. Adam was asked to mentor, which is a huge compliment to his talent. Can you please play Adam’s new single, If I Had You? I really love that song. Thanks

  14. Deb says:

    Adam has already explained that he was not asked to appear at the finale.Like the others listed above, except for DC, he was also preparing for his upcoming tour, DC was at a charity event.

  15. pago says:

    I think they were really concerned about upstaging the winner. He just brings such a strong postive energy wherever he appears!!!

  16. Nika says:

    Adam is amazing, and no Kris Allen can even be compared to him!

  17. lisa says:

    Maybe his mgmt. didn’t want him to “upstage” anyone, so they didn’t ask him.

  18. Teresa says:

    Ignore the idiots of the rumor mill.

    Please use your energy to play and listen to his new single,
    “If I had you”! which is fabulous!

    Let’s focus on the positive and the exceptional man and music
    Adam Lambert is and the gift he shares with us.

    We just want to hear MORE of Adam Lambert,


  19. sizzlingsmile says:

    Please play Adam’s new single “If I Had You”. It is such an upbeat and catchy song and perfect for the summer. Thx.

  20. Angel says:

    Adam is one of the hardest working, most talented people in the music industry. I know he wouldn’t just blow off rehearsal if he was asked to perform on Idol. There are people who just love to start rumors about him, and they should be ignored. Adam’s fans are really excited about his new single “If I Had You”, and we’d love to hear it played on your station!

  21. Fedora says:

    Adam had a whole week to shine as mentor this year on AI and he was great. Anybody who matters knows the real story. Thanks for posting this article. AND PLEASE PLAY “IF I HAD YOU”.

  22. Cookie says:

    Thanks for being supporters of Adam Lambert. His not being asked to perform at the AI finale is a head-scratcher. He had already told his fans via twitter that he wouldnt be performing much earlier than this article. His music is wonderful, and I would love to see his new single, If I Had You, have as much success as Whatya Want from Me. Thanks for the post.

  23. cheri says:

    Adam was the first former contestant to mentor. That was a huge honor and he acknowledged that. He followed it up with a stunning performance of Whataya Want From Me. That is how I prefer to remember Adam on Season 9. Honestly, I kept thinking they would bring him out to do a duet with Xtina on the finale – that would have been epic….Season 10 Finale don’t disappoint us again AI.

  24. zaturkarome says:

    Adam is an amazing person. He has been very busy with his Glam Nation Tour not to mention he was sick. I love his new single If I Had You; Mix should play the song to spread positiveness through out the summer.

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