Can't Beat Maria: 6/29/10

nicole scherzinger Can't Beat Maria: 6/29/10

Nicole Scherzinger is 32 today. Can you name either of the two groups she was in before PCD?

Debbie from Houston vs Maria in pop culture trivia.  See the questions…

–Al Gore in the news again. He won an Oscar for his film on the environment.  What is it called?

–Who did the USA Soccer team lose to over the weekend, knocking them out of the World Cup?

–There is a tropical storm brewing in the gulf that is expected to reach hurricane status by late morning.  Name it.

–Pussycat Doll [lastfm]Nicole Scherzinger[/lastfm] is 32 today. In the late-90’s she was a backing vocalist for a rock group and she later was part of reality TV girl group. Name either one of those groups.

–[lastfm]Eminem[/lastfm], [lastfm]Christina Aguilera[/lastfm], and Superbowl MVP Drew Brees will be among the numerous celebrities that will appear on the season finale of Entourage (September 12).  Name the actor that plays Ari Gold on the show.


One Comment

  1. Dorothy Carnal says:

    Debbie was awesome!!!!!!!! They should give her the whole Chick-fil-a franchise! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Debbie and she’s really hot!!!

    1. Debbie Recio says:

      Thanks Dorothy!!!!! Let me mention this tho, you think I’m nice…..this lady MOWS MY COUSINS (her next door neighbor) GRASS & I’m talking about a HUGE piece of lake front property. If my neighbor would just start mowing my grass I’d faint! There is nice & then there is HELICOPTER NICE!!!!! xoxox

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