Lindsay Has F*U* N With The Judge

lindsay lohan 113 Lindsay Has F*U* N With  The Judge

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail and should have been sentenced to a lot more after seeing what message she decided to paint on to her nails before seeing the judge. Wanna know what she had to say…….

lindsay fu lindsay lohan 290 Lindsay Has F*U* N With  The Judge

Wow Lindsay, thats not a very nice thing to say to the judge!


One Comment

  1. Fed-up says:

    i would have to say “RIGHT BACK ATCHA, Lindsay!” Grow up and accept responsibility for your stupid actions including your behavior in court! You have to understand that when you take on the justice system you will get your a$$ kicked and kicked good. You have your self to blame and no one else. You are the one making the decisions to do the WRONG THING and not the right thing and it has finally bitten you right square on the butt! Everyone has to settle up their karma bill at one time or another and it is time for you to pay the check! I only hope that once this is over with, you will have finally grown up and straightened yourself out. How many chances do you think you deserve? there is no excuse for your behavior. you are so very lucky to have so much when there are so many without anything and here you are throwing it away! Sad and stupid. Every one has to grow up sometime and at your age behaving like a spoiled brat is just not cute. it is extremely irritating.

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