Lindsay Lohan Saga Update….

lohan mug shot Lindsay Lohan Saga Update....

Something tells us this will be just the first of many.......

The drama is over . . . for now.  LINDSAY LOHAN showed up at the courthouse yesterday morning, just like she was supposed to . . . …and she is now behind bars, where many would say she belongs.


But Lindsay won’t serve her full, 90-day sentence.  She won’t even do the 23 days everyone’s been predicting.  Almost as soon as she was booked yesterday, her sentence was reduced to TWO WEEKS.

lindsay drawing Lindsay Lohan Saga Update....She’s expected to get out on August 2nd.  (The judge issues the sentence, but it’s up to the jail to decide how much of it the inmate serves.  Sentences are typically slashed due to inmate overcrowding.)

 As expected, Judge Marsha Revel ordered that all cameras be turned off before Lindsay was actually taken into custody.  But a courtroom sketch artist captured the moment of Lindsay’s cuffing quite nicely. If you ask us, this courtroom sketch looks like it was created by the folks at Disney. Seriously, they might as well have drawn in some birds and a squirrel.


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