Six Tips For Better Sleep

woman sleeping 5128318 Six Tips For Better Sleep

Do you wake up in the morning just as tired as the night before when you laid down to go to sleep? Maybe you’re like the rest of America who’s not getting enough sleep.

While many people believe they are getting the right amount of sleep a night, research shows that we are sleeping  one and a half  hours  less than we were a century ago.

 Insufficient sleep over time has been linked to depression, decreased cognitive performance, immune suppression, blood sugar imbalance and even obesity. Just one night of poor sleep can cause fatigue, memory loss and decreased mental capacity.

Here are six helpful tips to make sure you get a good nights rest.

1. Shut down your computer and turn off your cell phone and television 30 minutes prior to sleep. Create an environment that is quiet and calm.  And YES your Blackberry too. You just have to trust the world wont end while your sleeping, and if it does at least you’ll be rested enough to know how to deal with it if it does.

2. Remove stimulants (television, stereo, computer, bright lights) from your sleeping area. Keep the bedroom clear from clutter — remove any unnecessary furniture, piles of clothes, papers and books so things are kept out of sight and the space looks and feels calm and simple. Maybe even slap some news papers up on the windows to block out the street lamp light 🙂

3. Make sure your sleeping area is as dark and quiet as possible. Consider a fan or other source of white noise to create a consistent environment.

4. Keep a notebook and writing utensil next to the bed. Use them to clear racing thoughts, calm the mind and promote peaceful sleep.

5. Dab a drop of essential oil behind the ears. It should be a scent you’ve chosen only for sleep time, not something you might associate with your shampoo, dryer sheets, hand lotion, etc. The idea is to associate this scent with the sensation of feeling relaxed and tired.

6. Establish a set sleeping time and try your best to stick to it — even if your work schedule requires that you work odd hours and even if that means you’re sleeping each day from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. And if your boss has an issue with your sleep pattern, forward this article to them!


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