Four Things Men Don’t Tell Women . . . But Wish They Could

shower shotti otti Four Things Men Dont Tell Women . . . But Wish They Could

Maybe guys don’t like talking about their feelings, but apparently there are some things they WANT to say and don’t.  Here are four things men don’t tell women, but wish they could . . .


#1.)  MEN ARE INSECURE ABOUT DIRTY TALK.  They like hearing it . . . just not dishing it out.  Here’s why:

–First of all, a guy’s definition of dirty and a GIRL’S definition of dirty are sometimes two very different things.  So there’s always a chance he’ll say something TOO dirty.

–But deep down, guys are also just worried that they’ll say something in the moment that’s just weird and embarrassing, and she’ll tell her friends about it.

#2.)  SHOWER SEX IS OVERRATED.  Sure, it’s fun at first.  But once the initial thrill is gone, guys realize they’re standing when they could just as easily be lying down.  And not all guys are in good enough shape for lengthy shower relations.

–Still, they’d rather have shower sex than NO sex . . . which is why they don’t complain.

#3.)  GETTING TOO TIPSY ON A DATE IS A TURNOFF.  That’s assuming the guy actually likes you, and isn’t just looking for sex.  If THAT’S the case, he might actually WANT you to get drunk.  Which is another reason you shouldn’t.  

#4.)  WOMEN SHOULDN’T TRY TO BE “ONE OF THE GUYS.”  When a girl hangs out and watches sports with her boyfriend . . . even though she doesn’t LIKE sports . . . it always seems like she thinks she’s doing the guy a favor.

–And then that “favor” has to be paid back, usually in the form of a date night and some sort of romantic comedy he doesn’t want to see.  In reality, he’ll still take you to the movie, but he’d probably rather watch the game without you pretending to care.


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