“Spiedi” Is Broke?

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have admitted in the latest issue of Life & Style magazine that during their time together, they blew a collective $10 million dollars and are considering filing for bankruptcy.

The couple, who split earlier this year, are now very much together and living in close quarters. The duo have traded in their $35,000 a month Malibu rental for a studio apartment on Pratt’s parents’ property. “My parents are my lifeline,” he says.

The pair weren’t just shelling out the big bucks on rent; they spent much of their fortune paying for Montag’s now-defunct music career, multiple plastic surgeries, and healing crystals, for which they professed their love on ‘The Hills.’ So how were they so short-sighted about their financial future? “We thought ‘The Hills’ was going to be like ‘90210,’ and we’d have another five to 10 years,” says Pratt. “We were immature, worrying too much about the famous part instead of the actual business part.”

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