Gwyneth Paltrow Sings On The CMA Awards

Gweyneth Paltrow Hopes that she survives singing at tonight’s CMA Awards…..

 It’s going to be interesting to see how GWYNETH PALTROW handles her live performance of “Country Strong” on tonight’s CMAs.  Singing it in a soundproof studio is light years away from letting it fly live in front of the whole world.   

It’s a difference that’s rattling Gwyneth’s nerves.  She told, quote, “I was really bad last week, all week.  I lost my appetite and I couldn’t sleep, but this week I feel much better.  I feel prepared.  I actually feel better now.  

“I realize that I’m the most scared of the nerves.  I feel prepared for the song, but if I can just keep the nerves under control, I’ll hopefully survive it.”  Fortunately for Gwyneth, she won’t be alone.  VINCE GILL will be performing it with her.

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