Josh Duhamel Kicked Off Flight

Josh was kicked off a flight for not turning off his phone last Thursday….maybe he was sending an emergency text to Fergie….

I personally feel like I’ve just completed an obsitcal course by the time I reach my seat on a flight. Making it to the airport on time, getting though touchy feely flight security, and finally landing a decent seat…….turning off my phone would be the LAST reason I would want to be kicked off a flight. But that’s exactly what happened to Josh as he boarded a flight from New York to Kentucky.

“I’ve learned that it’s best to always turn them off,” the actor, 38, said of his electronic device, which he reportedly was asked by a flight attendant to switch off when the plane was on the LaGuardia Airport runway.

When he didn’t, despite multiple requests, the plane turned back to the gate and he was removed.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Duhamel admitted that the experience was “not my favorite moment.”

But that’s behind him now. “I’m good,” he said. “Lesson learned.”

Next time this happens I might  have to give Josh a spanking….heheheheheehe!

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