new apple ipad 2 New iPad2 Details....AT&T Not The Only Network Provider

If you’re anything like me every time you look up and see an iPad commercial on your tv you think to yourself, “YES Finally!” only to realize its an ad for the old iPad and they’re just trying to move the old units. I managed to get some updated info on the new iPad2 thanks to Apple’s overseas counter parts who have been chatty……

If you’d like to read the full CNN article for yourself you can do so here, but I’ve pulled out the important facts below. Looks like April is the big month and I might need to buy stock in Verizon!  

The iPad 2 will support three different wireless configurations: UMTS, CDMA and Wi-Fi only one of which would work with Verizon’s network.

Customers who want to connect to non-AT&T 3G networks must either buy an external wireless hotspot device such as the Verizon MiFi  which Verizon sells or trim a standard SIM card down to MicroSIM size.

The current 3G model of the iPad is not tied to a contract: Customers pay a flat monthly rate for data and can opt out whenever they please.

Recent rumors suggestion that the iPad 2 will hit stores April 2011, one year after the original iPad’s release. a purported “iPad 23 have been cropping up in Asia, hinting at the possibility of a bigger speaker and a rear-facing camera.


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