Cameron Diaz Use To Buy Wacky Tobacco From Snoop Dog!

cameron diaz00 Cameron Diaz Use To Buy Wacky Tobacco From Snoop Dog!

I always knew there was so much more to those sexy glassy dilated pupily (I just made that word up ;-)) blue eyes of Cameron Diaz, and now it all makes sense!

Cameron Diaz recently admitted that she bought marijuana from Snoop Dogg when they attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School more than 20 years ago prompted a revealing search for their high-school photos.
Cameron Diaz 1990Snoop Dogg 1990I wish I could have gone to their high school! Can you imagine Cameron Diaz and Snoop dog getting high before class??? LOL. Diaz says about Snoop,”He was very tall and skinny, wore lots of ponytails in his hair,” Diaz told George Lopez  on Wednesday. “I’m pretty sure I got weed from him. I had to have!”

Snoop Dogg’s high school photo from 1989 features a very clean-cut Calvin Broadus. Diaz’s was snapped when she was a senior in 1990.


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