Hollywood Dirt 1/27/11 “Megamind” Gets An “Office” Job/ Bret Michaels Gets The Boot

 will ferrell 21  Hollywood Dirt 1/27/11 Megamind Gets An Office Job/ Bret Michaels Gets The Boot

NBC has announced that WILL FERRELL will be joining “The Office” later this season…

 He’ll appear in four episodes . . . with at least one of them coming after STEVE CARELL leaves in April.  (–There are no specific airdates yet.)  Will is playing an “inappropriate branch manager” who arrives from the home office while Steve’s character, Michael Scott, prepares to leave.   Supposedly, Will is a fan of the show, and it was his idea to come aboard for a few episodes to help ease the transition to “Office” life after Steve Carell.

BRET MICHAELS was discharged from the hospital yesterday . . . just two days after he underwent surgery to repair a hole in his heart.  He’s now recuperating at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. His doctor says, quote, “Because of the successful outcome [of the surgery] and Bret’s determination, I believe he will be able to return to normal activity within weeks.”

It looks like JOHN TRAVOLTA is seriously considering that JOHN GOTTI movie . . . because he met with JOHN GOTTI JR. at a restaurant last night.  The director, Nick Cassavetes, was there, too.  (Cassavetes’ movies include “John Q”, “Alpha Dog” and “The Notebook”.)

PENELOPE CRUZ and JAVIER BARDEM are the proud parents of a baby BOY.  There’s still no word on the name.  Also, we’re now hearing that Penelope gave birth on Saturday, not Tuesday

It’s happening just like they said it would:  WILLOW SMITH will star in a remake of the rags-to-riches musical “Annie”, which is being developed by Willow’s parents, WILL and JADA, along with JAY-Z. Jay . . . who’s also the boss of Willow’s record label . . . says, quote, “We’re developing a true superstar in Willow.” (Sounds like Willow is gonna follow in Daddy Will’s footsteps!)

When VANILLA ICE does cheesy reality shows like “Dancing On Ice”, “Celebrity Boxing” and “The Surreal Life”, it gives the impression that he’s a washed-up celebrity just scraping by and taking any gig that comes his way.  But apparently, that’s NOT the case.  Ice is doing just fine.  He has his own show on the DIY Network, called “The Vanilla Ice Project”.   And he says,  “I’ve been making great investments on property for 15 years and it follows me going around buying houses, doing them up, doing construction.  I do a lot of TV stuff but I also turn a lot down . . . it’s got to be an adventure.”  And despite what you may think, Vanilla Ice’s music career is still going pretty strong.  He says,  “I’ve sold 3 million records in the past eight months and I’ve got a new record out next month called ‘WTF’.”   This should give you an indication of how good things are going for him . . .”I’ve bought yachts, mansions, cars . . . I have an exotic car rental business in Palm Beach and I’ve just bought a Rolls-Royce Phantom.”   He also has a pet Kangaroo named Bucky Buckaroo.  (???)  He says, quote, “I’ve had him since he was a baby and now he’s 5-foot-10.  He’s spoiled rotten;  he has his own enclosure and a female pot-bellied pig in there who is his lover. “Kangaroos will hump anything.  I think the pig likes it.  There’s also a goat in there who he grew up with but they’re just friends.”


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