Lindsay Lohan Is Acting Again!!!!

lindsay lohan rehab1 Lindsay Lohan Is Acting Again!!!!

Yes, and she may even win an award for the role she has recently taken on!

I hear it now, and the Academy Award for the most convincing role in a real life felony situation….Lindsay Lohan Playing Dumb in the theft of the $2,500 necklace!

So here’s the latest….Lindsay claims she never stole the $2,500 necklace and that it was loaned to her from the jewelry store. But the store claims they never, ever, ever loan out jewelry without the client/stylist filing out a massive amount of paperwork including insurance and credit card information.

Makes sense, I work with a diamond company and they do the same thing, lots of insurance and paper work if you want to barrow jewelry. So since there is no paper work to back up Lindsay’s claim, I wonder what she plans on saying now? 

Lindsay is saying this whole situation is a misunderstanding…hmmm is that what they’re calling jewelry theft now days…a mis understanding?  If it was really a misunderstanding, then why didn’t she just return the necklace back to the jewelry store and not the police station?


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