Facebook For Kids 10 And Younger?

facebook Facebook For Kids 10 And Younger?

Theres a new version of Facebook that’s targeting children 10 years old and younger….will your little one be getting an account?

Disney has acquired the rights to Togetherville, which is basically their own version of Facebook. In Togetherville, kids will be able to interact with each other, exchange gifts, play games, watch videos, create art, and update their statuses, all under the supervision of parents, who will be able to monitor their childrens’ activity on the site.

Here’s how Togetherville describes itself on its website:

“Today’s kids are growing up in a world that requires a whole new set of skills to become responsible digital citizens. In Togetherville, your kids learn much more than computer skills: they explore how to be creative, express themselves and learn in a fun, interactive and ad-free way. We help them use technology to connect with the important people in their lives – safely and responsibly.”

As long as it’s properly monitored by adults, we think this sounds great! Plus, if kids enjoy the site, they’ll spend more time there and will be less inclined to venture out to other, less child-friendly sites.

Will your little one become a villager on Togertherville?


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