Four Things Women Are Better At Than Men


109495583 Four Things Women Are Better At Than Men

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There’s a new book out this month called Man Down that attempts to prove that women are “BETTER” than men.  And each of the 36 chapters details something women do best. 

#1.)  Not Dying in a Car Crash.  A study at Carnegie Mellon University found that male drivers have a 77% higher risk of dying in a car accident than women do, possibly because men drive more aggressively.And according to a separate study, men are also more likely to run you over when you’re crossing the street.

 In New York City over the past five years, 80% of the accidents in which a pedestrian was killed or seriously injured involved a male driver.

#2.)  Gambling.  According to a study of 40,000 gamblers, women are better at turning a profit because they tend to act more quickly and be more aggressive with their bets.

But here’s what’s weird:  Women are also better at handling finances, because they tend to be more level-headed and focused on saving for the future. 

#3.)  Working the Room at a Cocktail Party.  Women are much better at remembering words, faces, and daily events, which makes it easier to strike up conversations with people they barely know.

 #4.)  Getting Someone to Reveal a Secret.  Some studies have shown that men actually gossip more than women do.  And when it comes to getting people to tell them things, women have a few tactical “advantages” . . . a.k.a., cans. Which is also one of the reasons the CIA uses female spies.


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    Very interesting!

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