Woman Finds Very Unpleasant Surprise In Her Milk

 milk2 Woman Finds Very Unpleasant Surprise In Her Milk

You will absolutely NOT believe what this lady found in her jug of milk!

We’ve all experienced it….stuff getting in to our foods. Whether it’s a little piece of hair or an insect, it happens. Nobody likes it, except for people like Anthony Bourdain who will eat just about anything, but it’s just a fact of life and we deal with it.

A woman in Sweden was pouring the last bit of filmjolk, a popular fermented milk, into her dog’s bowl when oops!Out came a condom, the wrapper, a receipt, and a plastic ring.

AHHHHHHHHHHH! Thank God this milk was for the dog and not her family, but still this would totally traumatized me! The next time I saw a commercial that said “Got Milk” on tv I would yell back at the screen H*** NO! 

So no lets take a look at some other stories of down right  disgusting things people have found in their food – and feel free to leave your own disgusting story in the comments too.

Katherine Ortega discovered a fried chicken head in her Chicken McNuggets. 

 Tim Hoffman found a frog in his bag of frozen veggies

 Fred and Amy Denegri finding a mouse in their can of Pepsi. 

Clarence Stowers finding a severed finger in his pint of frozen custard! 

Can you top these stories?


One Comment

  1. cj says:

    Thats crazy, someone put that there cuz theres no way all that accidentally ended up in one bottle. Whoever did that is sick

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