A Church Plans To Protest At Elizabeth’s Funeral

taylor walk of fame A Church Plans To Protest At Elizabeths Funeral

The Westboro Church plans to protest at the late Elizabeth Taylors funeral. This is just sad….

The Westboro Baptist Church has apparently revealed plans to protest the funeral of Elizabeth Taylor.

The group’s leader pastor Fred Phelps daughter posted insults on her Twitter page about Liz’s  lifelong support of gay rights and activism for HIV/AIDS research and education.

“No RIP Elizabeth Taylor who spent her life in adultery and enabling proud f*gs,” she wrote.

“They cuss her in hell today. #Westboro will picket funeral!”

I can’t tell you how downright upset I am at the disregard for human feelings this family has. I understand not agreeing with someone’s life style and choices, but to invade a person’s personal space and grieving time for a loved one to promote your personal agenda is absolutely unacceptable. There needs to be some kind of law to protect innocent people against wack jobs like this man and his family.

Taylor died early Wednesday morning from congestive heart failure at the age of 79. Details of her funeral have not yet been announced, hopefully for the sake of her family they will be able to keep the info secret.

As far as the Westboro losers are concerned, they have a long-running history of protesting events that they feel promote gay interests. One of their most recent demonstrations were done last year at a Lady Gaga concert.  Lady Gaga encouraged her fans to pray for the protesters after they picketed one of her concerts.

Photo by: Jason LaVeris for Getty Images


One Comment

  1. Mistachang says:

    This Upsets me too…. I support gay rights and the freedom to take it up anywhere i want. lol

    1. ayanamack says:

      LOL wow, thats one way to put it!

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