Is It Ever Ok To Pepper Spray An 8 Year Old? Apparently Yes!

kid sprayed Is It Ever Ok To Pepper Spray An 8 Year Old? Apparently Yes!

I know at first glance the title for this story is very disturbing, you think there’s NO WAY pepper spray should EVER be used to subdue a child…..ok well what if your child went to school with this second grader?????

So let me tell you a the story about 8-year-old Aiden from Colorado. According to, this student from Glennon Heights Elementary flipped out!  And when I say flipped out, I mean he was spitting, throwing chairs and a television, trying to stab his teachers with a piece of wood trim off the wall, and threatening to kill them…..yes that kind of freaked out!  It got so bad that his teachers barricaded themselves in a room and called the police.

But wait there’s more!

So police arrived on the scene and the kid kept it up and refused to drop the sharp stick. This is definitely not normal behavior for a second grader. Defy his teachers, maybe. But with such violence? And murderous threats? And then to keep it up once the police arrive too? This kid was totally out of control and needs help.

An interview with his mom Mandy (see below) reveals this was the third time cops have been called to the school due to his violent outbursts. Mom thinks, however, the use of pepper spray was excessive:

I’m sure what he was doing wasn’t right, but he’s 8 years old. They walked in, asked him to drop the stick, and then sprayed him with the spray … I think it’s excessive.

So what are you thoughts, was this too much force? Watch the interview here.


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