Disturbing Video Of 6 Year Old Getting Searched At Airport

tsa pat down Disturbing Video Of 6 Year Old Getting Searched At Airport

Is it just me or are you thinking to yourself, “SERIOUSLY A SIX YEAR OLD?”

Before I get into this, I don’t want people thinking I’m at all against the TSA,  but some of these stories are just down right ridiculous. Yesterday I told you about the TSA agent that handcuffed the Easter Bunny Lady after she questioned what was in the  bunny’s Easter Eggs and the bunny put the egg on the agents head, cracked it and confetti came pouring out….when I think of the visual of that playing out I actually laugh. But this one just creeps me out. 

I’m the mother of a wonderful 5-year-old son who knows nothing about the ugliness that exists in the world today including terrorist and they threat they pose on our way of life. I respect the TSA and what they do to protect us, yet when I watch this video, I can’t help but to get upset. I think of myself and my family excited to board a plane and enjoy a family vacation, only to have the most lasting memory of that trip being the trip to the airport and how the TSA agent patted my child down as if they were a criminal. I totally understand that these agents are doing their jobs, and protecting us from people who really do have full intention on hurting us, and will use children to carry out these plots….but isnt there any other way we can accomplish the goal of safety without subjecting our children to this?


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  1. Randy says:

    She WAS NOT GROPED… I beleive this is ok because there are sick people out there that will use children…And the day that someone does use a child and the TSA did not check, they will get blamed for not catching it… The problem is the media.

  2. Joann says:

    I hear people complain about profiling and TSA has always stated that searches are performed randomly. If we start making exceptions based on age then we are inviting bias and personal feelings into the equation. Skip this person because he/she is too young, too old, looks innocent, etc.

    Parents making it into a big deal, make it a big deal for their children. I don’t want other people touching my children. I don’t want people touching ME, for that matter. But if I will react in a way to keep my children from being fearful of it.

    I’m not for or against all the security but it’s there. I’m just glad to know it’s a fairer system than some think.

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