Visit One Of Houston’s Dog Parks This Memorial Day

dogpark Visit One Of Houstons Dog Parks This Memorial Day


Dogs provide a great opportunity to get outside and let loose this Memorial Day Weekend and we’ve got the best places to let your pup roam leash-free!

Just remember to bring your own toys, a towel and shampoo in case Fido needs a quick bath, copies of your up-to-date vaccination records, and to always pick up after your four-legged friend. Also, dog parks can be dangerous for small children, so keep in place a 12-and-older rule for kids and you shouldn’t have any problems. Remember all this, and your dog park day will be a success this Memorial Day Weekend!

Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park
3201 Hwy 6
Houston, Texas, 77062
Hours: 7 AM to dusk

Part of the Congressman Bill Archer Park, the Bark Park has 17 acres for your pooch to run freely – three acres for smaller dogs less than 20 pounds, and 14 for large dogs. Both areas have large bone-shaped pools for dogs to romp in the water and cool off, and there is an obstacle and agility course in the large dog park that is sure to help your dog pass out early in the evening. Ample parking and plenty of shaded benches make the park perfect for dog owners, too. Bring your walking shoes and get some exercise with your dog on the walking trails – there is one for both large and small dogs. There are lots of conveniently placed doggy bag stations as well as dog showers to clean your dog before loading it back in the car.

Millie Bush Dog Park
16756 Westheimer Parkway, Houston, Texas 77082
Hours: 7 am to dusk

Millie was First Lady Barbara Bush’s beloved springer spaniel, and has been called “the most famous dog in White House history.” The First Dog even wrote her own memoir, Millie’s Book: as Dictated to Barbara Bush. So inside George Bush Park off Westheimer is a special area dedicated to dogs in her honor. The roomy, manicured lawns at the 13-acre Millie Bush Dog Park are as pleasant and invigorating for dog owners as they are for the dogs. It’s got the basic two areas for dogs over and under 20, and each has a pool for dogs to wade and play in. The layout, including the ponds, is great for fetch. Dogs romp around so happily at Millie Bush that it’s a great place to bring non-dog owning friends to sit and chat in the shade for some outdoor, free fun on a good day. Just outside the double-entry gate is a shower area for giving the dog a quick bath.

Danny Jackson Dog Park
4700 Westpark, Houston, Texas 77002,
Hours: 5:00 am to 10:00 pm

There’s some disagreement as to how muddy this dog park can become – so determine your tolerance for possibly getting a little (or a lot) of mud on your shoes. Despite that, this is a popular park for dogs just inside the loop at Highway 59, and there are a few hoses to give your pooch and your feet a quick rinse before heading home. There is a separation between the sections for large and small dogs, as well as a self-closing double-gate to keep dogs from escaping. A pool in the large dog run provides a great way for the dogs to cool off on hot days. While generally dog owners here are pretty lax and let the dogs be dogs, the biggest complaint is owners who don’t heed the size limitations for each pen. So only let the most gentle of giant dogs around the tinier pups!

Tanglewood Bark Park
5801 Woodway Drive, Houston, Texas 77057

For those living in the area, the Tanglewood Bark Park is a great place to take your dog for an after-work play session if it’s been locked up in your house all day. However, it’s smaller and less equipped for all-day play like you might look for on weekends. The quarter-acre park is for dogs of all sizes, but the owners here tend to be attentive to their dogs and try to prevent problems. There isn’t a pond or bathing area, but there is ample shade from enormous trees on the property. The area is conveniently double-gated, but owners need to bring their own bags for clean up (there is a community jar of plastic grocery sacks, but it’s better to be safe than sorry). Occasionally, the owners in the area (who helped fund the dog park), will hold dog-centered social events, like costume contests and meet-and-greets, so it’s a great place to meet other dog fanatics.

Pawm Springs Dog Park
15300 University Boulevard, Sugar Land, 77479
Hours: sunrise to sunset

This dog park is intended to be an oasis retreat for your pooch – complete with tropical landscaping and a beach area with loungers. The area is divided into sections for large and small dogs, but only the larger area has a resort-style pond to swim and play in and a beach area to relax – thus this tends to be the area where dogs big and small congregate. There is also an agility course for dogs and owners to play in. The shaded pavilion is a hit with owners who just want to let their dog unwind. Owners at the park tend to be social and easy-going, which makes this dog park a great addition to the Sugar Land area.


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