Guess Which 3-Lettered Word Is Cameron Diaz’s Favorite Sport

Getty Ethan Miller

Basketball or football may be a popular sport to most people but not to Cameron Diaz. She’s only interested in one sport and it only has 3 letters!

Actress Cameron Diaz has a totally different mindset on how she views the word “Sport.” “Sex is my favorite sport,” explains the 38-year-old actress. Boyfriend Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriquez says she’s “always in the mood.”

What man wouldn’t want a beautiful woman who loves sex!? I guess ‘A-Rod’ is the lucky one and Diaz’s old flame Justin Timberlake is left in the dust. Or is he?

Diaz stars opposite her ex Justin Timberlake in the new upcoming movie “Bad Teacher.” The two share a couple of sex scenes that I’m sure Diaz enjoyed. Did Timberlake find it awkward shooting the scene? Timberlake says, “I didn’t look at it like that..I looked at it as a really funny, funny scene that I’ve never seen done before.”

Lucky man A-Rod is an athletic heart throb living the “sex dream” of men all over the world, and gets to share it with Cameron Diaz. Diaz is in no rush to move on to the next step, Diaz says, “I don’t think we should live our lives in relationships based off old traditions that don’t suit our world any longer…we have to make up our own rules.”

So do you think your husband would prefer you to be a football fan or a sex addict?

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