It’s still not clear what happened between WESTON CAGE and that other guy outside an L.A. restaurant Tuesday night . . . or what condition Weston is currently in.But Weston’s mom, CHRISTINA FULTON, isn’t happy about it . . . and she blames Weston’s dad, NICOLAS CAGE.

Fulton . . . who was never married to Nic . . . was spotted by the paparazzi outside the hospital shortly after Weston went in. And she gave them an earful.

She said, quote, “My son is in trouble. He’s in the hospital right now, and he’s under some really good care, so that makes me very happy.

“But I’m pretty angry because of his father . . . he’s affected by his father and that is why he’s in that hospital tonight. And that’s all I have to say.”

The man who beat up 20-year-old WESTON CAGE the other day may not have been his “personal trainer”, as he’s been described in numerous reports. says he’s Kevin Villegas . . . Weston’s former wrestling coach at Beverly Hills High School. He’s also a martial arts expert.

Apparently, Villegas was hired to “protect” Weston, whatever that means. And it’s starting to look like he may not have been acting solely in self-defense.

A source says, quote, “He deliberately provoked Weston, and he wouldn’t stop even though people were telling him to. He could have easily subdued Weston. Weston was defenseless.”

Weston reportedly took 13 shots to the face and needed eight stitches.

TMZ says Weston wants to pursue criminal charges against Villegas.

Police are still trying to determine who’s at fault. We heard previously that Weston started the fight by trying to roundhouse-kick Villegas.

Obviously, Villegas has lost his job as Weston’s “protector.”


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