How Much Did Hugh Hefner’s Prepaid Wedding Cost?

An update on Hugh Hefner’s big let down by Crystal Harris.. Not that it matters, since the dude has more money than he can handle.. but, really… DO tell us. How much did this cancelled wedding cost you, Hef?

The fact that everything was prepaid, then of course, nothing can be returned… which is probably the biggest bummer from this runaway bride incident. But, since it’s Hugh Hefner, this is probably chump change for him.

So, how much did you guess the wedding amounted to??

According to the wedding planner, Harmony Walton, Hef and Harris’ wedding came with a few giveaways — which brought the total price tag of this wedding lower than what it would’ve been if they weren’t so fortunate. However, even with these complimentary pre-wedding gifts, Hef had to deal with a whopping .. $250,000!!!

“The costs for catering and location may have been slightly lower because they have their own in-house production staff,” Walton said, “but, really, the sky was probably the limit. If she, say, wanted fireworks, that could be an additional $30,000 off the bat. The budget easily could have gotten into the $750,000 to $1 million range.”

Well, it’s a good thing Crystal Harris didn’t decide to include extravagant fireworks at this botched wedding! And as for Hef, I’m sure he’ll make use of this celebration and turn it into his own party!


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