Heidi Montag Spends 14 Hours In The Gym Each Day??

In a recent interview, reality tv star attention whore Heidi Montag claims she works out for 14 hours a DAY! Ummm, really? You guys have to read what she had to say!

Credit: Denise Truscello/WireImage

Over the weekend Heidi Montag was hanging out with Hugh Hefner‘s ex-fiance Crystal Harris poolside in Las Vegas, so of course HAD to get in shape! Heidi claims that over the past year she stopped working out, and at her heaviest was 130 lbs.

So, how’d she get back down to her current weight of 103??

Heidi said, “I’ve been working out from, like, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. for two months now. I’ve been working out really hard because I had this pool party and I was like, I have to be in shape. And I was actually a lot overweight. It was the most I’ve ever been because I’ve kind of been in hiding eating pie with my husband and puppies, so I needed to get back in shape.

And the other 27 pounds? She said, “I’ve been running a lot, and I’ve been doing weights. When you work out, you boost your metabolism, so you have to.

She then added, “My breasts, because they’re so big, really needed some time. So I’m just starting to work out again after my surgery. Sometimes I get shooting pains, but I hear that’s normal.

Oooooh Heidi, you crazy girl!

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