15 Million Dollars Offered To Maria Shriver For A Tell-All


Sources report that Maria Shriver has been offered 15 million dollars for her story. And, this 15 million dollars is considered to be .. JUST an advance — who knows how much more she’ll be receiving if she really does decide to open her mouth and share!

We want to know all the juicy details, Maria! I mean, having to find out that the lady you’ve been coming home to has been doing more than just cleaning up your house? That kind of stuff is novel potential! Okay, yeah ..  maybe that’s a bit much.

But, knowing both sides is only fair, right? Plus, I’m sure Maria needs a bit of release anyway! Why not release it for 15 million dollars? Cause, if she’s not going to do it, then I’ll do it for her!

Sources say that the, once, happily married couple truly believed in death do us part — I mean, THERE WAS NO SIGNED PRENUP WHEN THEY GOT MARRIED!

Seems like you’re just making all the wrong moves, Arnold!

Maria, if you can walk away with money from the divorce, or if you can get money from writing a tell-all book — whatever it is! — you deserve anything and everything!


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