Victoria Beckham’s PRICEY Baby Stroller

They don’t call her Posh for nothin! Victoria and David Beckham have a baby stroller for their new baby girl, Harper Seven, and you’re not gonna believe what it cost!

See the iCandy Stroller. It looks like a normal baby stroller, right? Of course it does! The only thing ABNORMAL about this is the cost!

To own one of these things, you better be prepared to fork over $900!! (ummm, $900 for something the baby will be TOO BIG for in about 6 months??)

But it gets better–Victoria had it made in a custom color because she diddidn’t like the 3 colors it came in.  She wanted the stroller to match the baby’s  nursery, which is lilac.

The stroller was delivered to their house on last Sunday before the baby was born.

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