Air-Conditioned Jackets Are The New Fashion Statement


Are summers getting hotter every year to the point we’ve got to do some major damage control? Well, if so, then Japan’s beat everyone to the front of the line with their newest creation of an air-conditoned jacket.

One thing that Houston and Japan have in common is this summer heat. And I’m sure everyone in Houston’s gotten use to the sun, but thankfully we’ve got an unlimited amount of air condition to help keep us sane.

Can you imagine if we were restricted to turn on the AC unit because the city’s demanding a cut in power usage?? WELL! That’s exactly what the people in Japan have been going through.. and because of this, the Japanese have put on their thinking caps, yet again, to make something brilliant!


AFP reports that the  jacket comes with two electric built-in fans that are powered by lithium-ion battery — lasting about 11 hours on one single charge.  The clothing piece is said to run around 11,000 Japanese yen, which is equivalent to 140 US dollars. It’s also been reported that about 25,000 jackets have been already sold so far this year – with a popular demand in the outdoor work fields and construction sites.  

The CEO of the Kuchofuku company, Hiroshi Ichigaya, explains what motivated him towards this innovation: “It came to me that we don’t need to cool the entire room, but it’s fine if people in it feel cool.”

I’m sure we won’t see the jacket in the Top Fashion Trends of 2011, but we should definitely give the Japanese some credit for being such great visionaries!

Watch the video that goes into more detail!


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