Crystal Harris Talks About Sex With Hef

I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t think the young ladies featured on Hugh Hefner’s reality show were REALLY his love interests. I assumed they were staged reality star wannabes….except for Holly, I thought for sure she really loved Hef. Well all that went out the window yesterday when Crystal went live on the radio with Howard Stern and described sex with Hef in detail….hope you have a strong stomach!

Yesterday Crystal did an interview with Howard Stern and talked about the only thing she has on her resume and that matters - dating and leaving Hugh Hefner.

When asked about sex with Hugh, Crystal says it only lasted “like two seconds.”

Um…..yeah hes like 100 years old Einstein!

“Then I was just over it,” she says. “I was like, ‘Ahhh.’ I was over it. I just like, walked away. I’m not turned on by Hef, sorry.”

Um, you had to get in bed with this man and humiliate him to figure that out?

She claims they’ve only had sex once adding, “He doesn’t really take off his clothes,” Harris says. “I’ve never seen Hef naked.”

WOW, that’s mean. First you leave the man at the altar and now your airing all his dusty old dirty laundry!?! This woman is heartless…..and almost done with her 15 minutes of fame.


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