Places Men Are Most Likely To Cheat

You might want to think twice about letting you lover attend these events alone.  Ladies I bring you the places where men are most likely to cheat… be sure to pass it to a friend.

Every  woman has that thought in her mind when her man goes out in the town without her, what is he actually doing while she’s not there.

Well, surveyed 2,000 men in efforts to come up with a list of places men are most likely to cheat, and you won’t believe the results!

Here are the places men are most likely to cheat:

*Wedding- 32%

*Bachelor Party- 27%

*Office Christmas Party-21%

*School Reunion-9%

But hold your horses ladies! The 32% comes from only if your man were to go to the wedding solo! (Crickets) Well I know that didn’t make you feel any better..LOL…

On the other hand, women thought their partner were most likely to cheat at these places:

*Office Christmas Party- 37%

*Bachelor Party- 35%

*School Reunion- 17%

*Wedding- 11%

So the moral of the story is NEVER LET YOUR MAN ATTEND A WEDDING ALONE! Now for bachelor parties, there’s not much you can do about that one..Sorry



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  1. Interesting! My partner and I will be attending weddings together in future! lol

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