Should Expectant Mom Be Locked Up For Bizzarre Food Cravings ?

What do you do when pregnancy food cravings could become deadly to the unborn child?

Ok here goes my confession….when I was pregnant I wanted to eat chalk – like the kind you write on chalk boards with….I think I may have even scored a piece or two during the pregnancy so I totally understand crazy cravings. But the story of  British mom-to-be Emma Vanessa, is quite different from mine or probably any other pregnant woman you know with a bizarre food craving. Emma is obsessed with eating furniture polish –  in fact  she  admits eating up to three can’s of furniture cleaner a day and has been doing so the entire 7 months of her pregnancy! She also admits that she knows it may be hurting her unborn child but she can’t help it.

According to Jacqueline Blurt from TheStir Vanessa is suffering from Pica, a medical disorder that compels people to eat non-food items such as metal, clay, coal, batteries. Pica is most common in pregnant women and children, but very little research has been done on the condition; some experts say it’s caused by severe mineral deficiencies, others think it’s a mental illness, perhaps a variation of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Since there is very little information on this disorder many people go untreated, including Vanessa!

Should she be locked up for putting her unborn child in danger?

Click here to read the rest of Vanessa’s extremely strange story.


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