Transformers Director Michael Bay Selling Home For $6.8 Million

Looking to buy a Montecito mansion? Mega producer Michael Bay has one available for a nice $6.8 million..

Bay’s mansion is a 5,400 sq. ft 4 bedroom, 6 bathroom hot spot located right outside Santa Barbara, California. Equipped with hardwood floors, spa, pool and an open floor plan with ocean views.

Sounds too good to be true? Get this, the new owner for this home will have to come up with quite a bit of loot to pay for the property taxes. $43,331 to be exact according to last year’s tax bill.  I can buy two cars with that! That’s bananas!

But being a mega producer has its perks. I’m pretty sure $43,331 was nothing but chump change to Bay, with his recent movieTransformers: Dark of the Moon pulling in a nice $349,614,219 since its 2011 release.

I wonder if his kitchen transforms into a full-blown restaurant, or his bed turns into a spaceship…Lol…Hmmm…So many possibilities.

What do you think?

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