Taylor Swift Named Her New Cat After Which TV Character?

You know, just because I LOOOOVVVEEE me some Steve Jones from ‘X Factor‘, that doesn’t mean I’d name a pet after him! (Wait a minute, maybe I would??) Well, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Taylor Swift[/lastfm] is so obsessed with one tv show character that she named her new kitty after her!

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Omg, how CUTE is [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Taylor Swift[/lastfm]’s new kitty Meredith?? But why that name??

Her name is Meredith — Meredith Grey because she’s a gray cat, and because I love Grey’s Anatomy!” she told US Weekly.

Taylor said, “She’s awesome. She’s like one of those cats that give cats a good name. She doesn’t hide under furniture and get weird around people. She’s really friendly and fun and she’s perfect for the road because she doesn’t ever get freaked out. So I’m really glad that she has a cool personality.

And btw, Meredith is a Scottish Fold cat, “so she has the awesome, weird ears,” Swift explained. “I love it. She’s so cute… She’s a good cat.

Sooooo cute! Now I want one!! 😀

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