Family Gets Early Reptile Present From Santa…Snakes On A Tree

We’ve heard of Snakes On A Plane, but what about Snakes on a Christmas tree?  Find out what the Baine family from Zebulon North Carolina did after finding a real live snake crawling around their newly purchased Christmas tree.

At first glance little Tony, Rachel and Eli thought the snake was a tinsel in the tree. After realizing the tinsel moved bit much and made a hissing sound they realized otherwise. Their mother, 34-year-old Casey Baine was disgusted to find the creature she brought into the home was in fact a 12-inch corn snake which was non-poisonous.

The kids fell in love with it and even named it, but Mrs Baine was having none of it – and Tinsel now lives in the woods near their home.

Mrs Baine, who filmed the snake on her iPhone, said: ‘[Tony] told me that there was a snake in the tree. And even when I saw, it was so still that I thought it was fake.

‘So I shook the tree a little bit and that’s when he moved.

And the rest….well just watch for yourself.


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