Ultimate Revenge: Guy Giving Away Ex’s Super Bowl Ticket!

Thought you dated someone heartless? How about Jason Elia’s ex-girlfriend.

Elia is a Nashville TV writer who wanted to give his girlfriend a great gift: tickets to the Big Game in Indy! So he bought the tickets. Then he got bladder cancer. Then this lovely woman DUMPED HIM! He told Yahoo she “could not handle the stress of having a boyfriend with cancer.” But did she still want the Super Bowl ticket? YUP!!

Needless to say, Jason is NOT giving her the ticket. Instead, he’s trying to beef up his following on Twitter, and find a fun companion for the Big Game. So if you wanna join the fun, hash-tag #WinMyExsSuperBowlTickets on Twitter.

Oh, and he’s close to beating the cancer too, with an 87% chance of survival. And I think his girlfriend has an 87% chance of being a word I shouldn’t type.


One Comment

  1. Joe Kilgore says:

    She does not deserve all this atenttion. Cancer runs in my Fam…it has no mercy. Enjoy every single moment to the max.

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