Victoria Refuses To Reunite With The Spice Girls…

Who will take Beckham’s place?.. I vote for Adele!

Posh, Victoria Beckham turns down another offer to perform with the Spice Girls at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. What’s wrong with reuniting? Well, according to the singer she wants to focus on motherhood and her fashion label and given her blessing for the other girls to replace her. She has established herself well into fashion industry and going back will be getting out of her comfort zone, if that were to happen we wouldnt see that beautiful smile she always wears…. LOL! She also admitted that she is not the greatest singer so she doesn’t want to go back and get criticized.

A source said: “There is no way Victoria will perform with the Spice Girls ever again. She’s not a spoil sport but she doesn’t feel she’s a good enough performer to go back there again all these years on. The others are keen to do the performance but it’s just not for Victoria anymore.

Husband David said he has been trying to convince her to reunite but maybe Adele can convince her after all she’s always been a huge fan (no pun intended….seriously!) of the Spice Girls and looked up to them. Maybe they both can join the group and Adele can be the 6th group member, “Pumpkin Spice,” cause she cute as a pumpkin. Hey, it’s just an idea :-).

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