New Survey: Married Women Still Love Sex!

Marriage and sex don’t have to be strangers, according to a new survey!

iVillage, a social networking site for women, says 75% of wives say a healthy sex life is important to them! A majority of the women surveyed also said they were happy with the bedroom activities in their marriages.

So what gets women in the mood?

iVillage says 67% of women just want their hubby to share his feelings, and that will turn up the heat! That and compliments of course. “Wives say these actions are much better aphrodisiacs than receiving a gift, seeing their spouse naked or in sexy clothes, or having dinner made for them by their husband,” says iVillage.

But there is some bad news: only one-third of married women say they would rather have sex with their spouse than watch a movie, go to a spa, get on Facebook, or chat with friends. TWO THIRDS WOULD PICK FACEBOOK OVER SEX?!?!

To end on a high note — Nearly half of the women say sex got better, or did not change, after marriage, and 46% say they married the partner they’ve had the best sex with!


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