Ice-T’s Wife Coco Gets NAKED With Her Baby Nephew

Ice T‘s wife Coco has taken down a pic she posted on her WhoSay account posing naked with her nephew! Of course we got our hands on it before she took it down though, so take a look (it’s censored) and let us know if you think it’s inappropriate!

Ice T‘s wife Coco, uploaded the picture on her WhoSay account, showing her laying beside her sister’s baby on a bed completely naked. Now granted, Coco is very close with her sister Krissy, and was even in the delivery room with her as she had the baby!

Most people thought it was a little strange that she was falling asleep naked with her breasts CLEARLY visible next to a young boy – regardless that he’s her nephew!

To see the controversial photo, click HERE!!

I don’t care HOW CLOSE I am with my sister and her kids, I don’t think I would ever take a pic like this. What about you??

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