Beyoncé Breast Feeds In Public…Is She A Lactivist?

Breast feeding moms score one big celeb point with Beyonce on board!

Ok, I doubt she was trying to make any kind of social point when she decided to nurse her daughter,  Blue,  Saturday while lunching with her hubby Jay Z at Sant Ambroeus cafe in NYC’s West Village Saturday. She was probably doing what any mother would do when their baby is hungry…JUST FEED ‘EM!  On lookers report Beyonce breast-fed her daughter and was  photographed leaving the restaurant, carrying her 8-week-old in a blue BabyBjorn. See no big deal, right? She wasnt asked to leave or feed her daughter in a public restroom. She covered herself, fed her child, enjoyed her lunch and went on with her day.  

Beyoncé’s story is a little different from whats been happening on the breast-feeding war front. According to the Huffington Post a not so famous breast-feeding mom by the name of  Michelle Hickman was humiliated for breastfeeding at Target and organized demonstrations at multiple retail locations throughout the country. A group of “lactivists”, led by Emma Kwasnica, is in a growing battle with Facebook insisting that photos of moms nursing babies should not be removed from the social networking site, though they repeatedly have been. Kwasnica staged a nurse-in in front of Facebook’s headquarters in early February. And most recently, mom Nirvana Jennette, says she was forced out of church for breastfeeding her baby — she was even compared to a stripper by her pastor. Jennette is now planning the “Georgia Statewide Nurse-In” and seeking to establish legislative changes for the state.

I wonder if Beyoncé posted a pic of herself breast-feeding on Facebook would they delete her account like they’ve done for so many other mothers who’ve posted similar pics? Its clear which side Beyoncé and baby Blue are on, what are your thoughts on public breast-feeding?


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  1. TJ says:

    I breastfed my son in public when he was a baby and NEVER had a problem. The interesting thing is that i breastfed at Target on several occasions and was never bothered. I covered him up because he was nosy and got easily distracted.
    I believe it is all in your persona also, I did not ask permission, i did what was needed for my child and that was the end of it.

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