Justin Bieber is not your average teenage boy. He’s already taken his first trip to Europe — in fact he’s seen the whole world. He’s already gotten a full time job. And he can afford to buy anything he wants. He’s got a famous girlfriend in Selena Gomez. So what should the most famous teenager in the world do to celebrate graduating from high school?

1. Take a trip to outerspace
Sure the Biebs has been all over this world (at least twice), but has he ever been to the moon? Don’t think so! There is still space available on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic ships.

2. Get a Bieber-signal and give it to the commissioner of Canada
The kid already bought the Batmobile (aka a Cadillac CTS-V that is super tricked out to be Batman-esque, including a bat logo on the grill). Why not go full superhero and get a Bieber-capital-B signal for Canada? So they can always find him if they need a little help.

3. Get Christian Bale, George Clooney, Michael Keaton & Adam West to ride in his Batmobile
Since we’ve got the Batmobile out — how great would it be to have the great actors who’ve played Batman all go for a ride in Bieber’s Batmobile‚Ķtogether?

4. Buy a hockey team
Jay-Z has the New Jersey Nets. His mentor Usher is a part owner of the Cleveland Cavs. Clearly it’s time for Bieber to get into the sports game, but being Canadian he could stick with his roots and invest in a great hockey team. Maple Leaves, Canucks — dealer’s choice!

5. Lobby to lower the drinking age in America
The Wanted have already started plotting to take Bieber to Mexico and get him drunk, since he’s still not of age in the states (side note: what a good influence those kids are right?). The Biebs has already performed at the White House, because President Obama’s daughters are fans. There couldn’t be a better time than now to tap into those connections.

6. Buy and reopen Michael Jackson’s Neverland
And rename it Never Say Neverland.

7. Open a hospital
It would be a great act of humanitarianism. And also a handily thing to have quick access to for any future paternity suits.

8. Start personally paying off Africa’s debt
It’s the best way to become friends with Bono. Plus, amazing karma for life.

9.Go to college
Everyone else is doing it, but can you imagine the kind of juggernaut Bieber would be with a business degree? Most rock stars don’t make it through college, but if Bieber took a note from Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones frontman and London School of Economic student, he’ll be a rich man forever.

10. Buy a planet and name it for Selena Gomez
Anyone can name a star after their girlfriend. It takes one extra special “Boyfriend” to buy a whole planet.


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