“My wife and I are sitting in bed… ‘Let’s go look at the cameras!'”

Rob Thomas may be a music superstar, but it’s still the little things in life — like the fancy new security system being installed at his house while we talk over the phone. “We live out in the woods in New York… and it seemed like a fun idea…. but at the end of the day it’s just like ‘Ooh, look there goes a deer!'”

Rob hasn’t spent much time at home the last few months, back in the studio with his band Matchbox Twenty putting the finishing touches on their new studio album due September 4th. North is their first new collection in a decade.

“We did this over a long period of time. We went to Nashville for the pre-production we spent like three months in this cabin. We all kinda lived there and recorded there. I think we went through like $100,000 in wine. That was the whole idea behind the album title North I think, about finding our direction and about figuring out who we were as a band now.”

Since their last full new album — released in November 2002 — that definition has changed.

“I think in some cases it’s a drastic change. You have to be honest with who you are right now. And we wanted something that hits our fans from 6 to 60. A little something to make you dance, something to make you think, something to make you cry. Like the albums that we all grew up with and we loved that were like a journey from the first song to the last and not just a collection of a bunch of songs that sound the same,” he says.

The first single, released June 12 is She’s So Mean, an unflattering ode to no-one-in-particular.

“Every guy and girl has dated that person that, for some reason, is like a drug. No matter how bad they are to you, you just keep going back and going back. ‘I’m gonna be the one to change them.’ And it never works out very well.”

Before letting Rob get back to his security-camera-watching, I asked the successful songwriter which song he wishes he had written.

“When you hear that Fun song [We Are Young], that chorus, it’s just kind of immediate, ‘I wish I was a part of that!'”

Stream/Download our full conversation here:
spacer Rob Thomas on Matchbox Twentys New Album... And The New Cameras In His House?

North from Matchbox Twenty arrives September 4th!


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