The 100 Year-Old Battleship Texas Is Sinking


I’m sure you guys, just like myself, have taken many field trips to see the Battleship Texas. The ship is one of only six remaining that served in both World War I and World War II in 1948, and became the first Battleship Memorial Museum in the United States.

That’s why it was so sad to read that the crew members recently found a leak that started sometime on June 8, and water was discovered in the engine room on June 9. Since the crew found the leak, the ship has already sunk about two feet.

They estimate about 800 gallons of water are pouring in every minute, and there are pumps trying to keep up with what comes in. Before they can get the water out and patch up the holes, they first have to get rid of thousands of gallons of old oil that has leaked to the bottom of the boat.

There is a multi-million dollar long term plan to fix up the ship and stop leaks permanently, but sadly right now there’s no money for repairs in the budget.

Our fingers are crossed that the crew can get all the holes patched and the water out to stop the ship from sinking!


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