Kristen Stewart gets dropped from the Snow White sequel!

Ohhhh Kristen Stewart. Down a job, down a boyfriend. I see a lot of lip biting and frowny faces in her future…. Oh yeah, she already does that.

Kristen scored a job moments after the cheating. She beat out her rival Jennifer Lawrence for this role in some movie based in the 50’s, Lie Down in Darkness. And she thought she would be in a ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ sequel, giving the success of the first movie. Of course, diddling the married director sorta put a kink in her plans. Rupert Sanders wife laid down the law and said that K-Stew couldn’t put in the next movie…. And magically, Snow White is booted out of the sequel.

Universal Studios says that this has nothing to do with mistress Kristen. They said that they want the sequel to focus on the Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth. They even said that she may make an appearance in the movie. However they want to word it, Kristen got dumped from a Snow White sequel after being Snow White.

Kristen has also been sweating over this boyfriend situation. Robert Pattinson has been doing the promos for his movie ‘Cosmopolis’ and she was worried that he was gonna use that opportunity to publicly bash her… but Rob took the high road. He’s not avoiding the questions, he’s just really keeping it professional and laughing it off. He insisted that he is doing just fine. But Kristen could tell from his cool and calm interview that their relationship is officially over.


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