Although Emily’s tweets paint the picture of the most annoyingly in love person on the planet…

“The happiest I’ve been in my life with my two favorite people in the world. I love you to the moon @jefholm” (& @LittleRicky – if she were on Twitter), Us Weeklyis painting a very different story… Jef and Emily made the cover (once again) with the headline: “Emily caught cheating!” and the sub-headline: “After Jef confronts her with evidence of the affair.” Of course ‘evidence,’ these days, means ‘text messages.’

There is a four-page spread detailing the alleged cheating scandal. Us Weekly claims that Emily Maynard and Jef Holm’s hot and heavy romance recently had ice-cold water dumped on it…via text message. The short version is: During Jef and Emily’s visit this weekend, at his folks house in Salt Lake City, the two got into a huge fight after Jef aka ‘Mr. Text Message Snooper’ found some racy texts from another dude.

Now the two are said to just putting on a happy front by pulling a Travolta and engaging in some serious PDA — to throw us all off. But, we see some holes in this story including:

1. Emily wears her heart on her sleeve…if something were up, there’d be NO way she could bring herself to tweet a new cat video. Earlier today she tweeted: “Bringing him to the dark side @jefholm just made a cat video. Love him even more now.” Heck no, she’d be too busy going “West Virginia backwoods” on the Holm family member who cashed in on the story!

2. That’s another reason we’re calling bogus on Us Weekly—the story said it came from an inside source. Team Holm is known to be very private; so believing that one the wholesome Helm family members called up the magazine to dish the dirt, is wishful thinking for the mag. Come on they’re from Utah!



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