LeAnn Rimes heads to rehab after Twitter fight and cheating scandal!

LeAnn Rimes checked into rehab, surprisingly not for an eating disorder. Now they are saying that she’s seeking help to learn how to cope with anxiety, which sounds like fancy celeb coded talk for some bigger problem but she really does need help dealing with haters and a straying hubby.

There’s so much to this story, starting with a Twitter war and ending with some infidelity issues.

She had this Twitter meltdown with two of her followers that were pro- Brandi Glanville. She called up this school teacher named Kimberly Smiley to defend herself and talk trash about Brandi at the same time. Those girls ended up recording the conversation (hear that whole conversation below) and now LeAnn is suing them for illegally recording it and splashing it all over the internet.

I just think that whole situation is incredibly sad. Why does she care what strangers think about her? She’s gonna carry that homewrecker label with her for a long time so she needs to get a tougher skin about it.. (“I know, right?”- Angelina).

But that’s not the only reason that LeAnn has run away to rehab right now. Sources say that the real reason that LeAnn took out is to hide out before this cheating scandal breaks. Apparently, Eddie Cibrian has been cheating on her. He’s been going out all the time, staying away on the weekends. She’s had her suspicions for awhile and now wants to hide out until this scandal blows over.


Kidd reveals some insider information on this scandal. Listen to the big scoopage on this story now!


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