Did You SeeThe SHOCKING Finale Of Bachelor Pad 3?


Even though there were only 2 couples in the final vote last night on the finale of ‘Bachelor Pad 3‘, there was enough DRAMA for more than a room full!

After last week’s final challenge, couples Rachel & Nick, and Chris & Sarah were the last 4 standing. Before they came out, we heard from eliminated contestants first…

Michael Stagliano (returning champion from last season) was called up first to the hot seat, telling everyone how he was just there to have a good time. Even though it may have seemed like he wanted a relationship with Rachel, he ended up saying “he can’t imagine dating her outside of the house“, though he loves “hanging out” with her. “I thought it was a summer camp relationship,” he told Chris Harrison. “She was falling in love, and I just wasn’t.” Eeek, ouch.

We see Blakely in the hot seat next, and the rough time she had in the beginning with her first partner Chris. Then they move onto to current partner (and real-life love) Tony, who ends up PROPOSING to Blakely after they tell everyone they’re moving in together. WHAT?! Ok, that’s cool I guess…congrats to them!

The other cast mates then vote to have Nick & Rachel to advance on to the final round. Now they have to decide whether to keep the money or share it. Rachel reveals that she chose to share the money but Nick kept it all for himself! WHOA! SHOCKING!

So why did Nick make that decision? Nick said he was in this game from the beginning, alone, and nobody cared what he said, what he did, or how he voted. Rachel was thrown with him in the end, and didn’t even want to be there, never mind be a good partner. As bad as we all felt for Rachel (who now has no love AND no money) Nick was completely right, and won the game fair and square.

Well played Nick, well played.

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