Big Bird Makes An Appearance On Prime Time Television [VIDEO]

America’s favorite bird stopped by prime time television over the weekend. In the wake of U.S. Presidential Republican nominee Mitt Romney wanting to do away with PBS, Big Bird has been the center of attention.

Despite his appearance on the famed comedy sketch show “Saturday Night Live” being well past his bed time, Big Bird appeared on the show and on the “Weekend Update” to provide his insight on Romney’s promise to stop subsidizing PBS. He also took the time to educate “Weekend Update” news anchor and host Seth Meyers on “tweets”. And in terms of the funny? well Big Bird told a political joke of his own.

Romney received backlash from many including children during his comment to cut funding to PBS which would in turn mean cut funding to the iconic show for children, “Sesame Street”. In fact a little girl took pencil to paper to express her discord about Romney’s decision.

Check out Big Bird’s appearance on SNL below!

Cicely C. Mitchell/ Mix 96.5

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